Unaju(Eel rice box)

※All listed prices are including tax.
※The number and contents of small bowls may vary depending on the season.

Regular(2 Pieces)  ¥2,500

Deluxe(3 Pieces)  ¥3100

Super Deluxe(3 Big Pieces)  ¥3900

Super Deluxe Double(4 Big Pieces) ¥4900

Shirayaki( lightly grilled, unseasoned eel

※ add rice and soup, the price will be the same price as Unaju Regular or Deluxe.

Regular(2 Pieces)   ¥2200

Deluxe(3 Pieces)  ¥2700

A la carte

※All listed prices are including tax.

Grilled Eel Liver(Sauce/Salt)

Fried Smelt(Sauce/Salt/Spicy)


Take-out Menu

※All listed prices are including tax.

Glaze-grilled Eel OneServing

Eel lunch box OneServing

A large serving of rice is an additional 200 yen.

A la carte

Big ¥1200

Medium ¥600

Small ¥300

Big ¥700

Small ¥400